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Pricing tables complete a business website. It tells your site visitors how much you’re charging, why you’re charging, and what they would get. If you’re using Divi as your WordPress theme, then Divi pricing table is enough to fulfill this purpose.

Yet, long pricing tables filled with extra information can overwhelm a user.

Thus, in this article, we’re going to see how we can create Divi pricing tables with toggles. So, we can display useful information on our pricing table in a compact manner.

That’s it; let’s start creating our pricing table with toggle.

Step1: Create Divi pricing table layouts

The first thing you need to do is create some Divi pricing table layouts. Like one for monthly and another for yearly purpose, which you want to display on your website.

Divi pricing tables
For this, use the default Divi pricing table module, and once you’re done creating your pricing tables, save them in your Divi library.

Step 2: Download Divi Content Toggle module

To create pricing tables with toggle, you have to download the Divi content toggle module.

For that, you’ve to purchase the Divi Plus plugin. It provides the user with multiple modules to do complex Divi designing easy & without any coding. The Content Toggle module is also part of this versatile plugin.

Upload divi plus plugin
Once purchased the plugin, download it and then upload it to your WordPress dashboard to install.
Activate divi plus multipurpose plugin
After installing the plugin, make sure you activate it, and then in your WordPress sidebar, go to Settings >> Divi Plus. And make sure the content toggle module is enabled.
Divi plus panel

Step 3: Create pricing tables with toggle

After activating the module, it’s time to create pricing tables with toggles.

To achieve this, create a new page or edit an existing one, where you want to display pricing tables with toggle.

Insert divi plus content toggle module
Once the page builder gets loaded, insert the DP Content Module. And then, inside Content One and Content Two, select the pricing layouts that you saved earlier.
Divi plus content toggle settings
Divi plus content toggle module setting
That’s it; you’ve successfully added pricing tables with toggle. Below are some examples of Divi pricing tables with toggle created using the Divi Content Toggle module of the Divi Plus plugin.

Divi pricing table examples with toggle

Monthly Pricing
Yearly Pricing
Monthly Pricing
Yearly Pricing
Monthly Pricing
Yearly Pricing
Pricing For One Website
Pricing For Two Websites
Monthly Pricing
Yearly Pricing

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