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Jan 10, 2020 | Blog

Divi Classic Agency: Divi Child Theme Highlight



Whether you’re a digital marketing expert or a travel agent, having online presence of your business is crucial in today’s time. And choosing website design is way more important than the previous. Because it accounts for number of factors in web development. Such as site speed, SEO, user interface and more. If some of the factors are not well curated in your chosen theme, then you not only have bad online presence as well as you’ll pay for nothing. Therefore, it is suggested to always use a well written and optimized theme. And Divi theme for WordPress is one of them. A well optimized theme for any purposes.

Using Divi theme and its powerful page builder, you can literally create website for any business. Moreover it has a huge library full website templates and layouts, which you can use to create yours. Another great way to create beautiful website using Divi theme, is using a premium Divi child theme.

Now why a Divi child theme, because they’re highly customizable, comes with pre-built necessary pages, ready to use and take less time to establish your online presence.

In this article, we’ll look at a premium Divi child theme, which is a perfect solution for creating a website of an agency, whether small or big, no issues.

Divi Classic Agency child theme for Divi

Divi Classic Agency is a premium Divi child theme designed for agencies and small businesses. It’s a suitable child theme for developers and individuals looking digital marketing layout, web agency layout, and more. This Divi agency theme comes with multiple pre-built pages, which helps the user to create his/her website in no time. Moreover, its homepage has multiple sections where user can add content according to his/her needs. However, these all are not the only features Divi Classic Agency child theme has, there’s more in it. And we’ll look at each one by one.

Features of Divi Classic Agency Child Theme

What makes a Divi agency layout good? Is it’s user interface, content readability and clarity, and representation of other useful aspects of a website. Such as testimonials, portfolio and team members. And Divi Classic Agency has it all. Separate sections for services, testimonials, portfolio, blog post links, and more.

Divi Classic Agency child theme for agency websites

For better user-interface, its has a distraction free modern design, through which user can easily navigate the entire site. Dedicated space between menus and homepage sections for premium readability and clarity. If you’re looking for Divi travel agency layout, creative agency layout, SEO agency layout, and digital agency layout, then this theme is best match for you. Moreover, it is good for any agency layout you’ve looking for.

Multiple header, footer, and blog archive page layouts

Apart from classic user-interface and content clarity, Divi Classic Agency child theme got additional features as well. If you’re not quite happy with default header or footer layouts, then you’ve got the option to change them. With Divi Classic Agency child theme, you get 5 Header layouts, 5 footer layouts, and 2 blog archive page layouts.


And to apply them, you don’t need any coding skills. All you have to do is just import them in your Divi Library, and using Divi’s Theme Builder, apply them as your Global or custom header and footer.

Divi 4’s Theme Builder

Fast, lightweight, and responsive child theme

Another reason for you to choose Divi Classic Agency as your business website’s theme is its responsiveness. All the layouts and pages available in this child theme are fully responsive to any screen resolution device. Thus, you don’t need to worry about what device your audience is using.

Second, it is SEO optimized. Therefore, your website’s pages will rank higher in the search results than your competitors. And finally, what comes as major factor in web designing is site’s speed.

90% of the users online bounce back from a website that takes more than 3s to open a web page. Thus, effects your domain authority and business. However, in the case of Divi Classic Agency, you don’t have to face those issues. Because it’s lightweight and blazing fast, loads pages in less than 2s of time.

Final thoughts

Divi Classic Agency child theme for sure is a good child theme if you’re creating website for either travel agency or creative agency. Multiple ready to use pages and layouts. So, you’ll have no problem setting it up.

Check out the demo now or purchase it from developer’s website.




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