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Jan 25, 2020 | Blog

25 best multipurpose Divi child themes to use in 2020



Planning to start a new website for your profession in 2020 on WordPress and already chose Divi as your theme. But wondering which Divi child theme you should use now to make your website more beautiful, then this blog post will help you. With over thousands of WordPress themes available in the market, I’ve shortlisted some of the best multipurpose Divi child themes that can help you achieve your goal.

The following Divi child themes have multiple customization and features, which you can easily apply to your website.

1. Luisa Romantic Multipurpose Theme

Luisa Multipurpose Divi Child Theme

Luisa is a nice Divi blogging child theme, yet you can use it for multiple purposes other than just blogging. It supports setting up an e-commerce store, and provide services in your working area. Luisa has 3 homepages for the blog, e-commerce store, and freelancer profile. It also consists About page with 2 pre-built layouts. Multiple blog page supporting sidebar and full-width design style with 2 single post layouts.

For the e-commerce store, it has a single shop page layout with a product archive and a single product page. Plus, It has a Cart option in the menu and footer area with all the useful information. Such as navigation menu, social media icons, contact information, and subscribe form.

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2. Divi Fashion Woo-commerce Child Theme

Divi Fashion WooCommerce is a complete child theme for establishing an online digital store. With more than 3 homepage layouts, Divi Fashion can do much rather than just being an online store. Including the homepage, it has over 9 pre-built pages useful for an e-commerce store. More than that, it also comes with support for 6 product types. So, you can easily add a wide range of products to your digital store. The secondary menu has contact information in the left, and useful pages link with wishlist and cart in the right.

Divi Fashion is an appropriate child theme for a vast store, which showcase categories, latest deals, male and female collections, has hundreds of items, and more. Apart from these amazing features, it also has a blog page with multiple layouts, testimonials, and a footer section with space to add beneficial information about the store. Like navigation links, useful links, customer care support, if any, subscribe form, and other information about services the store provides.

Know More About the Child Theme.

3. Divi Ultimate

Divi Ultimate child theme is designed to serve almost every industry or every niche for web designing. With over 20+ pre-built industry layouts, Divi Ultimate is one of the best multipurpose Divi child themes. Whether you’re creating a website for medical professionals or lawyers, Divi Ultimate has it all. Plus, with this child theme, you’ll also get 10+ premade custom header, 20+ premade custom Footer, single blog post customizer, and 13+ premade Inner Pages.

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4. DiviHQ – Multipurpose Divi Child Theme

If you provide services in any field and want to create a business website, then DiviHQ is a perfect Divi child theme for you. It has 3 homepage layouts and more than 5 pre-built pages, including About, Service, Testimonial, Team, and more. Furthermore, it also has 3-page layouts and pages for shop, account, and checkout. DiviHQ has a secondary menu above the primary menu having contact details, social media icon links, and links of the shop, account area, and checkout.

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5. Clarify

With Clarify Multipurpose Divi Theme, you can create a website for Creative Agency, Wedding Planner, Small Businesses, Non-Profit, Church, and Freelancer. Clarify follows the block designing process. So, you can easily create your desired website. Blocks it consists of are Contact, Portfolio, Videos, CTA, Pricing, Team, Blog, Map, Testimonials, and several others. If you want easy web creation, then Clarify is your theme.

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6. Divi Girl

If you want to create a website for female entrepreneurs, then there’s nothing better than the Divi Girl child theme. With over 10+ homepage layouts, Divi Girl is the child theme you need to create a website for businesswomen across multiple industries. The layout includes Default Extended, Blogger, Author, Life coach, Services, Speaker, Yoga Trainer, Makeup Artist, Child-Senior Care, Musician, and Wedding Planner. All layouts are different in many terms, though include many typical sections such as testimonials, services, subscribe form, team section, and more.

With these layouts, you also get multiple pages having several layouts in them. For instance, the individual page has 3 layouts, Shop with 2 additional layouts, and more. Using Divi Girl child theme, you can also set up an online store with its default product page layouts, and My Account area for users.

The header is beautifully designed, keeping all the menu items organized with Cart Icon. This child theme can help you establish a strong presence on the internet with the daily increase in visitors turning into potential buyers.

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7. Carolina – Photography Divi Child Theme

Carolina child theme is a wedding multipurpose child theme, which you can use for creating a website for wedding planners or photographers. Plus, it has 2 homepage layouts and over 18 pre-built pages. Such About, Services, Gallery, 2 packages layout, a blog with category and search page, contact page, and other useful pages.

It also includes multiple pages for the shop, including cart, my account area, wishlist, checkout, and order tracking. The homepage includes multiple sections where you can add a short description of your company, photo gallery, testimonials, and more. In addition to all these, Carolina, too, has a secondary menu which holds contact information, social media links, and cart shortcut.

Know More About the Child Theme.

8. Divi Cart

Divi Cart is an extensive Divi child theme that you can use to create a digital store as well as for multiple purposes. From header to footer, it is designed beautifully. It is featuring multiple layouts and other useful pre-built pages. If we look at the homepage of this child theme, then it’s the first thing that catches visitor’s eyes.

Moreover, it has a modern hero section with slider plus CTA on it. Under the hero section, blocks to add features or extra services of business provide. Sections to display featured products, exclusive offers, popular categories, items on sale, which you can customize upon your needs. Footer section creatively occupied with navigation links, short info section, my account area tabs, opt-in form, and more.

It also features 5 variations for the homepage, 5 layouts for product page, the mega menu for categories, 2 Blog page layouts, and a secondary menu bar with social media and cart icon.

Know More About the Child Theme.

9. Marvel

Marvel is another one of the best multipurpose child themes that users can use to create websites across multiple industries. With Marvel, you get 7 homepage layouts (includes Construction, Digital Agency, Architect, Solar Company, Carpenter, Plumber, and Interior Designer).

Other than these, it also has 5 primary pages (includes About, Gallery, 2 Services page, and Testimonial). Blog page with 2 post layouts. Shop page with 2 layouts, product page, my account area, cart, and checkout page. And in the end Our Works page and Contact Us page.

Marvel also comes with multiple homepage sections, including beautiful hover effects. Plus, an organized footer area with subscribers forms and social media icons.

Know More About the Child Theme.

10. Phoenix Super Theme

Phoenix Super Theme is a modern Divi child theme for multipurpose. With Phoenix, you get over 8 different layouts that are Personal Trainer, Dental, Electrician, Landscaping, Realtor, Non-profit, Plumbing, and Fitness. All the layouts are Pixel-perfect and subsections with attractive hover effects.

However, that’s not what it is all got. There’s much in it. With Phoenix Super Theme, you get 6 Hero section layouts, 2 interior hero section layouts, 4 CTAs, over 20+ Feature sections. 10+ Image showcase layouts, 5 Testimonials section layouts, 4 Team section layouts, 3 Blog layouts, 6 Contact Form Layouts, and over 5+ other useful layouts.

Know More About the Child Theme.

11. Maxi Multipurpose Child Theme

Using Maxi Multipurpose Child Theme, you can create a website for Small Businesses, Corporate, Agencies, Construction Industry, and Restaurant Industries. It has 10+ pages, including About Us (with 2 layouts), Services, Blog ( with 2 layouts), Portfolio, events, contact us (with 3 layouts). For easy web creation, it comes with over 5+ modules, that can be used in creating sub-sections or individual pages. Modules includes are Our Team (9 layouts), Our Services (8 layouts), Portfolio (6 layouts), Pricing (5 layouts), Testimonials (5 layouts), 3 Counter layouts, 3 CTA layouts, and 2 Accordion layouts.

Apart from these multiple features, it has a secondary menu with social media icons link and contact information, and footer area with space to add useful links and other information.

Know More About the Child Theme.

12. Divi All Purpose

Divi All Purpose child theme gives you the freedom to create a beautiful website for Coffer Shop, Travel Agencies, and Yoga Trainers. With this multipurpose child theme, you get 6 pre-built pages and 3 post layouts. Pages include Home, About, Testimonials, Services, Blog, and Contact.

It has a subtle, smooth scrolling effect plus neat and attractive designed pages — multiple homepage sections, with the call to action buttons. The contact page has blurbs designed for contact details, contact form, and map and direction.

Know More About the Child Theme.

13. Josefin

Josefin is another pixel-perfect modern child theme with over 8 homepage variations. 5-page styles and over 3+ additional pages include Blog, Support, and Contact.

Using this child theme, you can create an excellent website for Bands, Church, or even a personal Blog with a touch of modesty.

Know More About the Child Theme.

14. D-Market – Divi Child Theme 

D-Market Divi Child theme allows you to set up an online store as well as a blog. It has multiple homepage sections with a clean and beautiful design.Over 5 pre-built necessary pages, which include homepage (with 2 layouts), About, Shop (with sidebar layout), Blog (with 3 variations), Contact Us page (with 2 layouts).

Plus, D-Market has an Impressive Hero section with slider, nice CTAs, a menu bar with Wishlist, Cart, and Search icon. Moreover, its footer section, including a short description area, navigation links, contact information, and subscribe form.

Know More About the Child Theme.

15. Angelina

Angelina is a multipurpose child theme with a feminine touch. With this child theme, you can create a personal portfolio website or a website to provide services having an online store. However, with Angelina, you don’t get any extra homepage layouts, but the section created on the homepage are elegant and have adequate space, gives a website clean and modest look.

There are over 9 pages in this theme includes Home, About, Blog (2 Variations), Portfolio, Investment (includes several other pages), FAQs, and Contact.

The primary menu is designed with all the premium designing standards having all the menu items organized properly with Shop CTA, Cart, and Search icon. The bottom area has the option to integrate Instagram and add links of other social media.

Know More About the Child Theme.

16. Divi Finance & Consulting Multipurpose Child Theme

Divi Finance and Consulting is a multipurpose child theme with over 5 homepage layouts. Using this child theme you can create a website consulting business website having all the required pages. There is a total of 54 layouts in this child theme that provides huge freedom to create a unique website.

Apart from 5 homepage layouts, the 54 layouts in this child theme consist of 5 About Us layouts, 3 Layouts for Service page, and 3 layouts for Service Detail page. Same for the Cases and Advisers page. Portfolio and News page has 5 layouts. And further, FAQ, Timeline, and Pricing Tables has 3 layouts.

Plus, over 10+ other useful pages come with Divi Finance and Consulting child theme. For setting up a website in the finance and consulting industry, then this child theme is a perfect choice.

Apart from these layouts and features, its homepage has multiple subsections where you can display testimonials, links to blog posts, Contact forms, Staff, and services. It also got a secondary menu with contact information and a beautiful footer area having ample space to add useful information, plus social media link icons.

Know More About the Child Theme.

17. Beatrice Beauty Salon

Beatrice Beauty Salon is a Divi multipurpose child theme that can be used to create a website for beauty salon and small businesses providing services in the market. The design is beautiful and appealing, with a pink shade of color.

It has over 13+ pages with several page layouts includes 3 homepage layouts, 2 about us page layouts, and 5 services page layouts. Plus, it has multiple layouts for sections. Such as 4 Header section layouts, 9 Service section layouts, 9 for Content, 3 for Team. Pricing with 6 layouts, Testimonial 3 with layouts. 3 CTA, Opt-in, Counter, and FAQ layouts. And 2 layouts for Contact form, Logo, Blog, and Gallery.

And if we talk about the footer of this child theme, then it’s the best part of it. All the elements are placed nicely, beautiful fonts, organized navigation, and a CTA for appointment booking, or you can use it for whatever purpose.

Know More About the Child Theme.

18. Business Inc

Business Inc may not be a Divi multipurpose child theme, but it’s worth mentioning. It is a nicely designed modern child theme that you can compare it with the popular business websites or news media groups. Everything in this child theme is well designed and nicely placed. Not an inch out, not an inch in.

Modern homepage sections, wide hero space and footer section with organized columns. With Business Inc child theme, you get over 9 pages and 6 service page layouts. A beautiful header with space for location, office hours, and contact no. A worth trying child theme.

Know More About the Child Theme.

19. Girly

For feminine look and feel of a website, choose Divi Girly. A beautifully designed theme with smooth navigation, over 10+ pre-built pages, and several modules.

Modules this child theme includes are 4 Blurb Style, Text & SVG Divider, 3 Blog Style, 3 Opt-in forms style, Pricing Tables, Testimonials, 4 CTA styles, Gallery, 2 Social Media link icons styles, Filterable Portfolio, and Team members.

In addition to the modules, it also has some highlighting features. Such as Custom Theme Options, Fancy Preloaders, Hover effects, Mobile Optimized, and much more.

Know More About the Child Theme.

20. CT-Photography

CT- Photography can be used as a photography blog and a digital photography webshop. Where you can put your best shots on purchase. It has a modern design with several pre-built pages that are useful in designing a photography website.

Pre-built pages include Home, About, Shop, Projects, Blog with 6 layouts, and contact page. Hero section with slider and many modern homepage sections. Footer area is a nice part of this child theme, where you can add social media link icons of almost every social media. Furthermore, CT – Photography consists of cart icons in the menu and section to add photographs that are for sell.

Know More About the Child Theme.

21. Prutha Multipurpose Child Theme

Prutha Multipurpose child theme can become your first choice for many future designing projects. If we move from the top of the child theme, it has a secondary menu having contact information, social media icons, and pages link with cart icon. Then in between, you get another block to add business. And after this block, it has a primary header menu containing all menu items organized nicely.

Hero section consists of a slider and some blurbs for additional information. Apart from these, the homepage consists filterable portfolio with beautiful hover effects, our team section, links to the blog, and the footer area having a column for contact information, quick links, recent post link, short info, and multiple social media icons.

Plus, with Prutha Multipurpose Divi child theme, you also get 3 homepage layouts, 4 Blog page layouts, and 2 About Us, Service, Portfolio, and Contact Us page layout. In addition to these, you also get several pre-built pages and sections.

Know More About the Child Theme.

22. Krane Divi Child Theme

Using the Krane Divi Child theme, you can create a website for financial advisers giving a clean and elegant look. It’s a simple child theme with variations in the homepage and other pre-built pages of the theme. It consists of over 6 pages having multiple layouts such as services page consisting of 3 layouts and Blog page with 2 more layouts.

Moreover, this theme also encompasses other useful features. Lead Page with Caldera Form, Custom 404 Page, Custom Footer (managed in the Divi Library), Particle Background, Blurb Hover Effects, and more.

Know More About the Child Theme.

23. Divi Medical Ecommerce Child Theme

Divi Medical E-Commerce gives you the freedom to build an online medical store with support for various product types. It can also be used to create a website for several medical departments — for instance, Dentistry, Dermatology, Pediatric, and Ophthalmology.

With over 20+ pages, it’s more than just a medical e-commerce theme. Its homepage has several sections that can be customized and used for several purposes, such as About, Shop Item listing, Blog Links, and more.

The footer section is also well designed with the right space and fonts used. Above all, a floating cart icon makes this child theme choice of many.

Know More About the Child Theme.

24. Vendeur

A Divi WooCommerce child theme to create an online store with Blog and multiple product page style.

Using Vendeur, you can quickly establish a digital store supporting 5 product type and having several shops and site pages. The site page includes Home, Shop, About, FAQs, Contact, and Blog page with Category Archive.

The Store pages include Cart, My Account, and Checkout page. Vendeur’s homepage section allows you to add Product Category blurbs, Carousel of new products, Blog links with Slider, and more.

Know More About the Child Theme.

25. Vivid

With the Vivid Divi Child theme, you can set up an online tutorial website or a business website that provides multiple services. If you chose the Vivid theme as your business website, then you’ll get over 10+ pages, including Home, About, Several services pages, Sales page, Blog, and many other useful pages. The homepage has multiple useful sections, such as testimonials, links to the blog posts, CTA’s, and work processes with nice hover effects.

It is a nicely designed Divi child theme for someone who believes in the beauty of websites. In addition to these, this child theme has a sidebar having social media icons, subscription form, and page links.

Know More About the Child Theme.


In this blog post, we’ve looked at all the 25 Divi child themes that you can use for more than one purpose. And by multipurpose means, for more than one industry, and with Blog and Shop. If you want to get updated with the latest news about Divi, then don’t forget to subscribe.









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