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Nov 5, 2019 | Blog

Advanced Flip Box in Divi Blurb: What Everyone Is Talking About



This week Divi Blurb Extended plugin got a major update. And introduced a feature-rich Divi blurb module called Advanced Flip Box. With this new module, it’s making quite a buzz among Divi users. The Advanced Flip Box module has two Divi blurb layouts. And multiple customization features, which we’re going to discuss in this article. And we will also look at some of its great features, which everyone is talking about.

Advanced Flip Box and its layouts

Advanced Flip Box is an add-on to the famous Divi Blurb Extended, Divi Blurb layouts plugin. And has two layouts:

These are highly customizable and fully compatible with Divi 4 and its both Visual and Classic builder. And using these layouts, you can create exciting flip boxes in no time.

Further, both layouts allow a user to style their newly created blurb boxes with multiple direction flip and animation effects. And both layouts are super easy to use. You can create attractive blurb boxes easily without any problem. Just like the Divi Blurb Extended module it too, allows the user to add read more buttons and many more amazing elements for creative needs.

Features of Advanced Flip Box’s layouts

Layout 1

This layout of Advance Flip Box, allows users to animate blurb boxes on hover in multiple directions: Top, Bottom, Left, and Right. As you can see below in the Divi blurb example of Advanced Flip Box’s layout 1.

Advanced Flip Box

Moreover, apart from these options, you can also customize the background of the blurb boxes with color, gradient, and image.

Advanced Flip Box Blurb layout

Layout 2

In addition to layout 1, when you hover on to the blurb boxes created with using layout 2, you’ll see attractive animation effects. In other words, it allows users to create blurb boxes having Fade, Zoom-In, and Zoom-Out animation effects. Just like the Divi blurb examples below, created with Layout 2 of the Advanced Flip Box module.

To sum up, the Advanced Flip Box module is a useful tool for users who love to create blurbs in the Divi theme. Further, you not only have the freedom to animate flip boxes with multiple animation effects. But, you can also control the speed of the flip directions and animations. Likewise, it helps you show content with extra integrity, clarity, and creativity.

So, if you’ve used this new Blurb Module, then please share your experience in the comment section. And, if not, then go and try this cool Divi Blurb Module right now. And subscribe to our weekly newsletter for news related to Divi and WordPress.




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