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A new Divi update after the WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg release has replaced the default classic editor with the front-end editor.

As many users still prefer the classic Divi builder, the feature is not fully removed from the Divi theme and it can be re-activated from the Divi theme panel.

Here is the setting which will let users edit their pages in the Divi classic editor once again even after the WordPress Gutenberg compatiblity update (verion 3.18).

How to re-enable Divi classic editor after the WordPress Gutenberg release

In order to enable it, here are the steps

  1. Go to Divi theme panel.
  2. Go to Builder tab.
  3. Go to Advaned tab.
  4. Disable the option which says “Enable the latest Divi builder experience”. 
  5. Enable the option which says “Enable classic editor”.

This will enable the classic WordPress editor by default and thus will let you edit your pages like before. However the new Divi builder experience is worth a try. The option to enable it is available on each page while editing in classic mode.

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