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SOS – Simple Overlay Solution


With Divi Simple Overlay Solution (SOS), you can create simple overlays and email opt-in using the Divi Visual Builder. Overlays created using Divi SOS can be opened on click or without click after a timed delay. Apart from this, SOS is entirely compatible with the famous Mhmm (Mighty Header & Menu Maker) Divi plugin for even more customization options.

Don’t just follow the name, because you can also use the Simple Overlay Solution (SOS) to create beautiful and modern overlays. Plus, using this overlay plugin, you can create email opt-in, notification popups as well as overlays. In addition to this, Divi Simple Overlay Solution (SOS) is handy to use and create attractive overlays on a Divi theme website. This plugin is more useful if you have got the premium Mhmm plugin that allows more customization options to use with SOS.

Key features of SOS

  • SOS supports Divi Visual Builder.
  • Multiple trigger modes to run overlays: Click, and Automatic with timed delay
  • Various transitions: Slide, Fade, and Instant.
  • Option to customize the background color of the overlay.
  • 5 Demo layouts.
  • Option to change Close Button appearance
  • Multiple loader theme: Dark and Light.
  • One-time popups using cookies.
  • Display multiple overlays per page.
  • Display animations within overlays.

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