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Mhmm. – Mighty Header & Menu Maker


Mhmm. is a premium Divi plugin that allows users to create custom Headers, Menus, and even Mega Menus. Includes multiple demo header layouts that you can use right away. For modern and beautiful headers designs, Mhmm. is right Divi plugin that can do magic on your website with multiple customization options and Divi page builder.

If you want to change the default look and feel of the Divi header without any extra effort, then Mhmm. could be your handy tool. It’s an excellent Divi plugin with multiple header module and design options that allows the user to create attractive headers easily.

A perfect plugin for someone looking Divi header layouts, custom headers, sticky headers, and more.

Features of Mhmm. (Mighty Header & Menu Maker)

  • An easy to use plugin with 8 Demo Header Layouts.
  • Make your Header Scroll, Stick (to Top, Bottom, and Top on Scroll), Start at Bottom, and much more.
  • Use the Divi Builder and create Mega Menus.
  • Create mobile Hamburger Menus with multiple Hamburger Locations & Customization Options, including Color & Hover.
  • Make your header slide from Fullscreen, Slide-in Left & Slide-in Right.
  • Add an Image and Gradient Background for your Slide-In Menu or both.
  • Background Control Options, such as set Menu’s background using Images, Gradients, or both.
  • Padding, Font, and Margin Control.
  • To Prevent Divi’s default stacking of Columns on Tablet & Mobile, it has “Stop Stacking” Module Plugin.
  • For advanced CSS customizations, it has Extra CSS Area.
  • And much more.

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